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Trauma Team Prof Sheet

Trauma Team Prof Sheet

Trauma Team Proof Sheet Roll 1.
It was the first day of shooting in the ED of a regional Level 1 trauma center. The project was to come away with images defining “Teamwork within hospital Emergency Departments.” Within 10 minutes of my arrival a trauma call came in from an ambulance transporting a suicide victim
found hanging in a tree. They would arrive in two minutes. So the project began with this roll. The image that defined the moment best is Frame 1/Roll 1.
The proof sheet from this roll is available enlarged on 16”x20” silver emulsion double weight fiber base paper produced with archival processing. You’ll experience the shoot as it happened frame by frame.
Image size: Enlarged to fit on 16”x20” photo paper.
Open Edition: $250.00


Trauma Team/ Roll 1-Frame 1 1992
Double weight silver gelatin archival photographic paper 16”x 20”

Abbadon Images Contact Sheet Prints tell the story of the photographer’s exploration of the subject unedited in its original form. It’s all there to experience. Each unique frame records the photographer’s vision moment by moment. 


  • Printing

    The proof sheet is produced on photographic printing paper in a lab

  • Packaging

    Our prints are always shipped Flat / Never rolled in a tube.

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