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About don manning

Ya know after all the years I still remain a minimalist of sorts.  I believe that Less is still More.      

Don is a corporate photographer with the heart of a documentary photojournalist.

Don has been creating award-winning images for Advertising and Communications since 1979.

After retirement, and a bout with cancer, Manning has felt compelled to return as a Visual Activist for change. The work presented here brings focus to the growing need for healthcare and social service reform in America. It explores the strength of human character. And it examines themes of Teamwork, and Professionalism found in hospital Emergency Departments across the country.


Don works using primarily Black & White silver emulsion film or monochrome digital cameras. Both his created and found works imbue the clean graphic simplicity of his minimalist roots in design from the eminent R. Buckminster Fuller.

When shooting in this style Manning works alone:

No lights, No setups, No models, No assistants, No agency staff, and No disruptions.

Manning’s work communicates a sense of graphic minimalism, authenticity and emotional transparency.

Don is privileged to have to created visual solutions for select clients including Argonne National Laboratories, Amoco, Bank of Brazil, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Consolidated Coal, ING Amsterdam, Ronald McDonald House Charities, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The National Children's Cancer Society, United Cerebral Palsy, United Healthcare, United Way, World Vision International, and Znak Publishing Poland.

Manning was recognized for his work for Ronald McDonald House Charities when his work was presented to Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala, in Washington DC to honor her commitment to bring needed change to the ailing US Foster Care System.

He is a member of ASMP / Chicago Midwest- American Society of Media Photographers, and served on the organization’s Board of Directors (1997-2000).

Manning transitioned his medical background into work in medical device marketing within the Cardinal Health OEM Specialty Medical Products group, and in medical device sales and healthcare marketing. 

Don eased into retirement serving as a bus driver for the Champaign School System to pair with his wife Lynn's educational schedule as a high school math instructor. 


He lives in Urbana Illinois with his wife Lynn of almost 45 years. They have 9 grandchildren and lots of Legos.

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