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When making this image for the documentary The Bob and Melissa Project, I sought to create one image that would allow us to enter his space; an image that would inform.

As you examine this image you will find visual cues that provide insight. Perhaps the generic brand items on the table speak of a modest lifestyle. The ashtray with cigarette butt informs us. The painting of Jesus on the wall informs us as well. A close look at the larger painting reveals an oriental connection. (Bob lived in Taiwan for a time as a child). While the small photos tucked on the picture frame tell us a bit about family and friends, the photo of his mom and dad reminds us of parental
Image size: 14” x 21” printed on 18” x 24” Hahnemuhle
Photo Rag cotton fiber paper.
First Edition of 10 prints:
Prints 1-5 $ 950.00
Prints 6-10 $1,200.00

  • Printing

    Photo Rag cotton fiber paper.

  • Packaging

    Our prints are always shipped Flat / Never rolled in a tube.

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