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Medical Documentary Photographer

Medical Documentary Photographer Striving for Healthcare Reform

Nothing is more impactful or life changing than being a medical documentary photographer. Whether as a healthcare documentary photographer or emergency room photographer, I try to use my photography skills to create images that can help reshape the national dialogue on healthcare reform.

Taking photographs in an emergency room is like being on the front lines. There is so much energy and tension to navigate while still focusing on generating powerful photography as an emergency room photographer. My main focus is always on telling a story. With so few photojournalists being able to cover this important and high action space, being able to cover emergency rooms has been a challenge and a rewarding experience.

As an emergency room photographer, you can rest assured that I know the power of photography. Being in the middle of the tension and action of a functioning emergency room has had the reward of being able to tell some powerful stories through photography.

My emergency room photography is some of the most powerful photography around. Being in the middle of the action in one of the hospitals most vital, challenging, and even dangerous, but it yields truly amazing rewards.

The photography I have taken in emergency rooms is helping to reshape the conversation around healthcare reform. By sharing these intimate stories, people can truly start to understand experiences and conditions they might not have ever had access to. So few healthcare documentary photographers get to document this particular space. This makes it all the more important that a photojournalist covers the inside of an emergency room.

The more images that reach the public eye, the more they will be informed and ready to make change. As a healthcare documentary photographer, I perceive my work as an educational effort designed to confront the national conversion around healthcare reform.

On the Front Lines as a Medical Documentary Photographer

Shooting images as a medical documentary photographer has taught me all new lessons about discipline and timing.

The doctors, nurses, and other staff that keep the hospitals going are truly impressive with their unbreakable dedication and ability to heal others even when they are weary. Covering this as a medical documentary photographer is truly a highlight to my career.

If you are working for healthcare reform, let’s get in touch today and start sharing the images right from the heart of your medical institution. There's no better way to help the people connect with important issues than to let them get a front row seat to the action, peril, and inspiring stories of what goes on in the emergency room.

Oftentimes, the emergency room will be a place of mystery. Some people don’t get to visit these spaces very often which makes documenting them and exploring them with photography all the more important.

Reach out to me today to learn more about my photographic journey or if you are in need of a healthcare documentary photographer. 

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