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When shooting on location I work alone.  I find real life images that express your corporate story.  No setups. No Models, No assistance or crew, and No disruptions.

The resulting images imbue the essence of your company through believability and an integrity that is just not achievable with scripted setups or stock.  

In my years of work as a photographer, I have honed my craft as well as my artistic insight.

Working in this manner allows focus on the professional working dynamics unique to your organization. The resulting working portraits speak clearly to the viewer in a believable manner not reproducible by other means.  Whether working as an annual report photographer, corporate documentary or advertising photographer, I approach each collaboration as an opportunity to find and drive home visual themes that drive your brand.

My Efforts as a Corporate Photographer and Annual Report Photographer

I want my work to serve as a visual resource for agencies and organizations whose efforts seek to bring solutions to issues surrounding the U.S. Healthcare and Human Services reform.

Photography has the power to change lives. When we truly see into another person’s life, we can find new pathways to understanding. Each image becomes something more than just a photograph, it becomes a way to help others understand the world.

Working as a Corporate Photojournalist

My work as a corporate photojournalist goes well beyond documenting the activities of corporations. It connects that same storytelling and passion for human connection to the corporate sector. Each time you share photographs with your audience, you are telling part of your story. Why not make sure those photographs are telling the story you intended on.

Covering the corporate world has been a powerful visual developmental experience. Each scene crafted through images has allowed me to connect a wider audience with a moving story. 

Get in touch with me today to learn more about my corporate shooting styles. 

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